We are a pallet and crate manufacturing company and a supplier of second-hand pallets

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At Jusworx we take care in the manufacturing process of our pallets as wood pallets help you keep things organized and orderly when storing or transferring large quantities of material. They keep stock elevated from ground moisture and serve as a stable base for stacking goods.


We fashion the “stringers,” which are the three supports that run the length of the pallet.

Jusworx Pallet1

We then assemble the bottom deck of the forklift section by nailing two crosspiece boards, mounting one flush with each end of the two outside stringers. Nail the third stringer parallel to the others in the middle. Use nails per  crosspiece, three at each joining. Then fasten three crosspiece boards, one in the center of the stringers and the other two just to the inside.

Jusworx Pallet2
We then turn the pallet assembly over and fasten the boards of the top deck. Nail two cross boards, one flush with each end of the stringers. Then fasten five crosspiece boards, one in the center of the stringers and the other four evenly spaced between the middle crosspiece and the end crosspieces.  With a rough sanding of the top deck, your durable Jusworx pallet is ready for use.


Jusworx Pallet 3

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