We are a pallet and crate manufacturing company and a supplier of second-hand pallets

Services we offer at Jusworx

We manufacture wooden pallets and crates as well as supply second-hand pallets which include:

–          Wing type pallets

–          Single face pallets

–          Parameter base pallets

–          Customised pallets according to spec provided by customer (any 2-way or 4-way pallets)

–          Customised crates according to spec provided by customer

–          Heavy duty refurbished 2-way pallets

–          Euro pallets refurbished

Closed Crate

Closed Crate

Open Crates

Open Crates

Pallet Painted

Pallet Painted and Personalised

We also do the following based on any spec provided by the customer:

–          Customised Steelwork & Engineering

–          Pallet furniture


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Pallet Furniture

Outdoor Table and Chairs

Pallet Bed

Pallet Table

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We are a Pallet Manufacturing Company.

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